Chabliz – Beyond the Tides

With their new single, Dutch pop noir band Chabliz once again prove themselves to be one of the greatest storytellers out there. The song itself contains a couple of surprises (more about that later), yet one of the most intriguing elements of their music always has been the magic of the story woven into the sound.

This duet about the sea which gives and takes was created during the corona crisis, which up to this day is among the most pressing problems mankind is still facing. The main theme alone is an awesome starting point for the story being told, because it can be seen as a metaphor for so many aspects in life. For one, it’s indeed about the sea, yet for me, the deeper meaning evolving around the swingy melodic base theme feels more like the struggle you’re facing in life. There are certain circumstances that, as the sea with its unforseeable powers, will give and take something to or from our life, and I love that the three piece group always leave it to the listener to interpret their own meaning out of their creations. (Remember ‘When Sirens Call’, which came out as a stunning video in 2020? Same thing applied there, the track rather serves as a catalyst for the listener to let thoughts wander while listening/watching.)

What starts as a slow piano/vocal ballad gains momentum and tension over time, always holding a fine balance between melancholy and self-evident emotion. Both of the voices feel like ‘dancing’ together, surrounded by the sea, and like there are winds, waves and calmness to find in open waters, it’s the same in the track. Enlarged with unexpected yet very effective elements in form of additional instrument tracks or small outbursts of energy, the track takes you on a journey to show you one thing: there will be ups, and there will be downs. Life does work only this way. With the wisdom and appreciation woven into the tune, ‘Beyond the Tides’ is another meaningful storyteller to not only listen to but to take in with your heart and soul.

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