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Peacebone – Arcane

This is the definition of a laid back groove, guys. With a relaxed style, a cool bass line and and a defensive guitar, the stage is set for these awesome vocals. They bring a certain tempting wisdom to the table that feels like the evolution of what once was the smokey beaten-down guy that has seen it all, but served with a youthful and energetic signature undertone. And boy, you’re in for a treat when the singer shows what she really is capable of with an unexpected assertive change at the end.

You gotta love the special blend of handmade oldschool and fresh innovative elements in ‘Arcane’. Talking about anxiety and needing to be free from ones worries due to pressure that is often overwhelming, the track surely does take its time, so don’t expect a driving banger here. Yet the track brings an intensity of its own to the table. You’ll find yourself grooving along the lush guitar theme that is garnered with extra tracks that feel dreamy and surreal.

Long story short: this tune tells the kind of story that’s usually only being told when you buy someone a drink right before closing time.

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