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Mark Alan Wilson – Real Good Time

Everybody, sunglasses out! Hands outta your pockets! It’s time to feel it this time.

Boy, this tune is is as handmade and groove-packed as it gets. With a slightly retro-ish bluesy appeal and a saturated guitar riff, the song is designed for one reason only, and that is to get handmade rock into straight attached to your nerve cells. And we’re not talking only the brain, ‘Real Good Time’ has this irresistible way to make you move, no matter if you’re sitting at your desk, standing in the waiting line of the supermarket, or flying an airplane. The music is presented in a very nonchalant, smiling way, you can practically hear that Wilson and the band from Orange County, California are not just playing off a note sheet, this is rather a way of life the are presenting, and it’s the best business card you can hand someone in the industry.

What is that? This isn’t something innovative and fresh? Has been done before many times? Duh. OF COURSE it isn’t fresh and fancy bred. That’s the point! This is the real deal here. Only when it’s originating from the heart and soul, it has an effect, and in my opinion it’s music like this we desperately need more of out there. This is honest rock from the core of what it is about in music. It’s awesome music like this tune that serves as a catalyst to make you have a (pun intended) real good time.

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