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Neon Fields – Rituals

Once again, the guys of Neon Fields are enabling the listener to explore the unknown. You cannot really explain the sceneries that are built by the tracks of the South West UK based trio, you have to experience them first-hand.

Dark, mysterious synth patterns blended with vocal one shots create this almost pitch back void that is in constant motion. We’re not talking waves of motion though, it’s rather a pulsating slow and relaxed steady movement. In this environment, the vocals tell the story in the typical signature styled Neon Fields way, where melancholy blends seamlessly with a bit of desperation and decisive urgency. These vocals are seemingly ‘walking’ through the atmospheric sections of ‘Rituals’, stepping out of the dark to find themselves in a driving, well-rounded dense bassy room that transforms into a sparkling synth structure with exciting melodic textures. And all of this not being a one-way street.

Don’t take the details for granted, folks. There is a lot happening in this tune, and it’s these details that make this tune such a heavy hitter. Once again, every single track from percussive stab to synthscaping texture, to emotional vocal statement is a conscious decision by the band. When building such a dark and emotive scenario, one false move can destroy the mood and vibe. But not here, the guys of Neon Fields know exactly what they are doing. This track once again develops this ‘majestic glow’ as a quality approval sticker so to speak. You just can hear the amount of work that was put in to create the full picture of ‘Rituals’.

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