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Till Jonas Meyer – Psychotronik

I got to admit, since I started writing about music in 2015, I never ever wrote about a track with german lyrics involved. The driving, electro pop tune of Till Jonas Meyer changed that today. Kudos to you, Mr Meyer.

Randomly, I wrote about german artists, but every time when there were german lyrics involved, the tracks felt static, somewhat misplaced, meaningless, or simply harsh. “Psychotronik” changed my mind.

Starting quite unspectacular, the track picks up speed with a driving beat along a distorted guitar. What takes this track to the top in my opinion are these haunting, somewhat hypnotic vocals. I can’t get my head around what exactly it is that keeps this track on repeat in my head, but I guess there are some traces of the good old days of Grunge in that song that shine through. And these traces are mixed with traces of even gooder, older days of “Neue Deutsche Welle”, and damn – that’s an intense setting for a fourty-one year old like me. I lived through all these eras as a kid and young grown-up.
The concept of the track is so irresistible for me that I can look over some glitches in the mix. The intention of the song is transmitted without the shiny polish of a top industry label, even more because Meyer is an allround talent who does any aspects of his songs on his own, including studio mix. And guys, believe me – this is unbelievably much work for one person. In my opinion Meyer isn’t just a musician but rather an artist who needs his guitar, his voice, and a pen to write down lyrics (well, that’s what his bio says on soundcloud but I believe that’s absolutely true). I’m curious what’s next.

Till Jonas Meyer on soundcloud


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