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WellBad – Young

It’s quirky. Genre-defying with a grungy mindset. Triggers laughter, deep thoughts and groove in the listener. This, ladies and gentlemen, is the new release of German band ‘WellBad’.

The sound itself is what Wikipedia probably would define as ‘sweeeet’. A relaxed simple groove that is lead by a basic melody and a strict rhythm pattern. This gives the tune a signature jazzy undertone, and while the relaxed backing does its thing, it creates a perfect atmosphere for these unique vocals. Riding on this retro-flavored theme, those vocals tell the story in an awesome way – there’s soul, there’s a deep dark mysterious undertone, and there are energetic markers that indicate that we have heard nothing yet.

It’s the interaction between this basic relaxed backing setting and the intensity of the vocals that give ‘Young’ this unique aura. The tune can be placed somewhere between wisdom and madness, and I absolutely love this mix. For many artists out there it’s either or, but it doesn’t happen often that a blend of these ingredients actually works so well. The visuals coming with the track are the icing on the cake, so to speak, with a very primal sense of humor the pictures are done in a fun, yet very sophisticated and thoughtful way. (In other words: this was made to compliment your senses, not to mock them.)

Long story short: yes, please. I’ll have more of this sound.

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