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Grasser – Who Do I See?

What starts very eyebrow-raising might as well be one of the secret summer anthems. With quirky elements and blended elements out of a box that had a label stating “for the love of god, DO NOT MIX!”, the track feels like it’s in constant motion. And after hearing this tune for several times now, there are still new elements to explore.

You gotta love the brave blend of things in ‘Who Do I See?”. Where distorted guitars meet extraterrestrial one-shots, where jumpy percussion meets processed vocals and alt-country trumpets, you’re most definetly in Grasser County. The neverending re-invention concept of the song might be confusing for some, yet the guys of the Jersey based band knew how to keep the scenes of the track just so close that it absolutely makes a groovy, trippy sense.

This almost wreckless all-in concept is exactly what makes a name out there. This signature sound leaves a mark. When you create a track that most people even don’t know how it was created, using elements that are best categorized as ‘what the hell?’, you’re doing it right. Well played, guys.

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