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Saint Punk, Matt McAndrew – Gloves

I gotta admit, this one isn’t for the weak-hearted. When listening to the intro part, the new release of Saint Punk and Matt McAndrew raised my eyebrows. Both of ’em. I didn’t know I was in for an absolute treat.

‘Gloves’ are coming off indeed. With what has been called ‘Grunge House’ out there, the track drills inside your head relentlessly, and I absolutely love it. Expect no negotiations, nor any kind of mercy. Hard hitting linear rhythm strikes along a distorted backing create this dark, gritty atmosphere where you are strapped into your chair like into a rocket before you get shot into the unknown – with no ways of getting out. The music feels like the evolution of everything that is held dear by the industry, yet just transformed into this careless rollercoaster that WILL leave a mark once heard. You gotta love this brave extraordinary blend in music. The presentation feels as if the artist would smile at you, asking ‘who will stop me, YOU?’

I love the driving raw energy happening in this tune. Along the energetic vocals this tune emerges anthemic for these times. THIS is the sound of the new generation.

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