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No More Winters – Garage Princess

One word: groooove. Yes, OF COURSE with four ‘o’s.

I love this retro-flavored vibe happening in the opening track of the recently released album called ‘Sedentary Nomads’. Going cool and relaxed, the tune transmits a certain well-natured vibe, it’s like the track goes for a walk in the park with you. Telling its story in an unobtrusive yet very mind-engraving way, this track will have you singing the melody of the guitar right after you turned off the song and went on with the day (and we’re talking this ‘bab-bee-ba-di-bu’ chants that everyone loves to do).

The self-produced French duo No More Winters created both an everyday working class hymn and a relaxed and laid back tune with ‘Garage Princess’. I love that the track doesn’t rush anything, the guys just know about the effect of that lush melodic approach that simply doesn’t need more energy or drive. If anything, it needs a pair of sunglasses. And if you liked what this track is about, I recommend getting something to drink, kick back, get those headphones and check out the rest of the album. This is No More Winter’s land, where oldschool rock meets drive, energy and at parts almost retro-punk-ish sassiness mixed with some bluesy wisdom. Oh, and remember: I’m NOT responsible for your neck hurting from all the head grooving you will experience!

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