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Jona Straub – Rotweinblau

There’s something captivating attached to the new release of german pop artist Jona Straub. It’s hard to put the finger on it… probably it’s the lightweight melancholy that’s woven into the tune. While soft synth lines are woven into the song like silk threads, giving the track a floating and dreamy appearance along the guitar textures, it’s the expressive vocals that give the tune a deep and meaningful appeal.

‘Rotweinblau’ being about desire, about missing someone and longing for being close to someone, the track knows exactly how to transmit this melanchloy that is triggered when falling for someone. There are both highs and lows present in the tune, the floaty main vibe of the tune perfectly describes the almost drunk state someone can be in when missing the loved one. I’d like to call that ‘lightweight bitterness’, it’s not really a state of deep sadness. We all know this feeling, right. And that’s why the song of Straub is so effective, its relatable content makes it very easy for the listener to connect. This song describes life.

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