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PAARIS – Filo Rosso

Ready to enter Mysteriousville? The intro takes you to a certain dark place you haven’t seen yet. For some reason, the new release of French artist PAARIS has a special ‘sci-fi vibe’ attached for me. There’s a unqiue drive and excitement present in the tune that is reflected in the echoed guitar melodies which were made famous by another musician a while ago (cheers, Mike), but there’s something fresh and driving added. This is the signature PAARIS element.

With crisp and kicking rhythm patterns and a edgy backing base, the guitars are allowed to tell their story on a well-balanced canvas of sound. And this melodic floating arragement is the secret weapon of this track (it’s rather the secret weapon of the music of Enrique Marquez aka PAARIS in general). The artist is able to create textures out of every instrument. Doesn’t seem to matter to him if it’s the drums, the guitars or the synth tracks, everything adds to this oddworld-ish yet familiar scenario. I love when a track feels complete on such a high level.

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