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AEM – Hot In The City

The debut single of Canadian artist Amy Elise Metcalfe, better known as AEM, combines emotion, groove and energy to a perfectly balanced track.

What starts with a certain dreamy and fragile atmosphere gains momentum through a perfect amount of confidence and ‘been there, done that’ wisdom that is added over time. I just love the balance between emotion and energy happening in ‘Hot In The City’. Everything falls in place with this tune. A defensive rhythm set that takes the track by the hand with a little bit of drive and swing, the melodic piano tracks that add soul and emotion, and of course, the soulful and feelable vocals of the talented singer/songwriter. Everything in the track creates this scenery that feels authentic and ready to build a picture in your head.

And the best part is: this is just the beginning. With this tune being her first of hopefully many tracks to come, I’m curious what will be next from her side. If you listen closely, you can hear that she has access to the whole palette of expression, from soft to hard, from energetic to defensive, vulnerable to kickass. And I hope we’ll hear the whole range in her music over time.

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