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James Greenfield – Baseline

The new release of London-based multi-instrumentalist James Greenfield is nothing less than an absolute thing of beauty. But please don’t just listen to it wherever you are. This is no track for the bus stop while waiting for the 3:30 bus to wherever. This single needs the proper setting. It allows you to relax, to reflect and to look into the past, present and future.

Let me paint a picture for you. Imagine a seed of a dandelion. After it detaches from the flower, taken by the wind, it embarks on a journey. And this journey is one that is filled with every nuance of emotion there is. Riding a calm and warm wave, the seed gains altitude, looking at the earth from afar while the warm wind feels fresh and new. On its journey, the little seed encounters excitement from the new found freedom, yet also a slight present melancholy, for it is unsure where it’ll finally find a new home, and also positive energy while hovering through unknown territory. The seed has no defined goal. It just lets the wind decide, and in a way, this is the message I’m receiving from the track. Sometimes we’re seeking something so desperately that we forget we shouldn’t always be trying to hold the wheel. Sometimes it’s life-altering and fulfilling to let others set the path that’s lying ahead of us. After all, we are all just tiny seeds in this huge world out there, right.

Long story short, ‘Baseline’ is a simply a magnificent piece of art. Small soundscaping elements are creating depth and texture, while the warm piano main theme lets you feel all kinds of emotions. The sound serves as a canvas for your brain to create all kinds of sceneries. This tune isn’t just bound to one single scene. It offers a way for the listener to find his/her own personal setting. You gotta love the ability of Greenfield’s track to be a door opener for your imagination.

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