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Parlour Magic – The Source

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time for some futuretro electro pop! Lean back, and prepare to float in those relaxed vintage-flavored futuristic textures of the new release of NYC-based producer, media artist, and composer Luc Bokor-Smith, better known as Parlour Magic.

Like the other tracks of Parlour Magic, the new track is a hommage to the old times, while at the same time merging the vintage scenery with some crisp and synth-based emotional melancholy. I love this perfect blend of past and present mixed with this relaxed yet intense mood set. With the driving but also relaxed linear rhythm, the synth stabs attach sort of a neon glow to the tune, while the story is told in a melodic and unobtrusive manner.

In a way, this tune is like the perfect cocktail, without the miniature umbrella. A unique blend of all the good stuff some brave guy mixed to find out what’ll come out. Any boy, this cocktail is truly one of a kind. Now all we need is a name for this baby. For now, I’ll go with “The Parlouretro Synth”.

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Florian Maier

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