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Counting Chances – Angel (for Alana)

This track, taken off the EP ‘Forever in the Trees’, has something final. There’s a knowledge attached to the warm retro-styled Wurlitzer sounds. The fact that the songwriter Counting Chances chose an almighty and long-time-around instrument for the tune was a terrific move in my opinion. This particular instrument transmits not only the sound – it also transmits soul, passion and feeling.

The played melodies do contain both melancholic elements yet also positive vibes. ‘Angel’ holds a magnificent balance of the past and present, it reflects on things that happened in the past, as well as acknowledging that things will change eventually. Being written for and dedicated to Alana, a young lady who was very dear to the artist and left this earth way too soon, this melody is both a farewell and a hommage in my opinion. The melodies, and the expression woven into them, have an amount of feeling attached that can only be reached through telling the story from the heart, not from a note sheet.

And while the track is telling its sad story about loss and grief, it also makes me look up to the sky with a smile on my face, because there’s a distinct wisdom woven into the theme as well. Life has its cycles. We all are going through the same emotions, facing highest highs and lowest lows, and we’re all in this together. Remembering loved ones is vital and lets me rest easy, because we’re not just the sum of our cells. When we have to leave, we leave behind not only a grave, but also memories. Family. Loved ones who remember. Who even write beautiful ballads like this one to let others experience how they felt about us. As an artist it’s a brave step to open yourself to the public by writing such tunes, and as a listener it’s highly humbling to be allowed the look through the eyes and heart of the artist.

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