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Joe Devine – Too Far Gone

You gotta love the playful yet exciting atmosphere that is built by the new track of London based musician Joe Devine. With a very warm and summerish approach, the track serves as a base for many vibes. There are unlimited possibilities to let your mind wander to the theme. I mean, just follow the relaxed melodic flow, and you’ll find yourself beachside at a hot day, enjoying life to the fullest. This could also be the final moments before you reach your destination after a long and challenging journey. Or it’s the perfect anthem for ending your day at work, leaving the office with sunglasses and a big smile because you accomplished a lot today.

See? The tune is rather a catalyst for your brain to create something on its own. The playful guitars aren’t done pushy nor intense, they are injecting a rather soft groove along the laid back rhythm set, which leads to what I’d like to call ‘smooth cocktail vibe’. From there on, the tune adds energy and drive on the exact right spots to never let any patterns get linear or repetitive. This tune is a showcase of what Joe Devine can do, and it reflects his repertoire quite well. Don’t just take my word for it. Listen for yourself.

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