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Ivo Badoor – George

This, ladies and gentlemen, is synthpop with a twist. The German artist known as Ivo Badoor is as much of a storyteller as he is a musician. While the track has a defensive backing, it’s all about the feeling that is transmitted. Back in the days I used to play drums in a krautrock band, and boy, we loved to get lost in sounds like these for hours when playing a session.

The vocals are done with that special wisdom, it’s as if Badoor takes you by the hand for a stroll through the night life of his home town. What makes his sound so unique is the atmosphere that is being created by the track. With the synths and the jumpy bass line, the track layers several energetic and mysterious patterns which serve as a perfect playground for the vocals. And these vocals are guided by the vibe that’s happening.
Imagine a tiny boat on a lake. No steering wheel, no rudder, nothing to influence the direction. The boat is guided by what the water offers. Just going with the current and the wind. In a way, the vocals are the boat, and the atmospheric backing is the water here. The vocals are floating on the rhythmic waves, being laid back and positive, yet somehow in full control of the groove.

In the end, that’s what I love about this song – it’s Badoors ultimate knowledge of the sound. Music is his surrounding, his playground – and I am absolutely sure that whatever backing you give him, he’ll tell you a deep and meaningful story. Not necessarily lyrics-wise, but always feeling-wise.

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