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apolumni – Normal People

I’m getting lost in the atmospheric textures of the new release of Russian singer/songwriter apolumni. You’ll find a whole palette of soft and defensive surroundings in this tune as you’re guided by the emotional vocals. Although there is a signature melancholy present in ‘Normal People’, for me the song contains a huge amount of comforting vibe as well. This sound is designed for making the listener reflect, to lean back and watch the sun set while thinking about your role in the universe.

A probably coincidental side effect of those reverbed soft melodic textures of the backing is that it makes you feel small. And we’re talking REALLY small. This sound somewhat showed me my role in the universe for a couple of minutes. Being that one grain of sand, this tiny atom in the whole universe, it feels almost strange that even in this magnitude, everyone of us wants to be part. Wants to belong and wants to feel being at home and accepted. This song shows me that I’m good. We all are. I feel at peace for knowing that where I am is where I am supposed to be, and I’m one amongst many normal people.

In a way, this track is both a reminder of that fact, and a guide if you should ever doubt the truth.

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Florian Maier

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