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The Bergamot – L.A.

With a fine sense of detail, a pristine production and an a highly fragile setting, the alternative ballad “L.A.” of Brooklyn based alternative band The Bergamot lets you experience music on several levels. I made the experience first hand when I got flooded with emotions while listening. Still sceptical? Hear and see for yourself.

With ultra-soft vocals and a defensive guitar backing, the track finds its way into your soul right away. I was stunned about how the track was able to slow me down instantly. Calm melodies, vocals done in that unique what I like to call “its-okay-I’m-here”-fashion. Every aspect of this track is made to not only make your eardrums vibrate, but to reach you on a emotional level.
The official video of the track is a thing of beauty, reflecting the intention of the song perfectly. Well orchestrated scenes, a soft, sometimes almost dreamy setting and high-definition pictures with unique angles had me staring silently throughout the song. If you’re up for an experiment, there’s an easy way to test if a video matches the song by watching it with muted sound. You’ll find out that there has been put A LOT of thought into this production, because the used pictures mirror the music concept almost perfectly.

Maybe its just me, but the song triggered kind of a self-reflection in me. I love it when music is able to reach the listener to a point where it’s not just about listening anymore, but about feeling and thinking. It’s similar to an abstract art painting, where the artist does leave it to the viewer to get meaning and depth out of it. In musical terms, every musician has a certain intention, but if you really want to reach the listener in a world already filled with flat, shallow tunes, you have to try a different approach with your music. And if you manage to create such an outstanding tune like the guys of The Bergamot did, you can be sure of one thing: you make a lot of music lovers out there really happy with what you do.

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