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Halle Abadi – Comfortable

The newest relase of singer/songwriter Halle Abadi has an intriguing ‘urgent groove’ attached. Hearing this tune, you’ll know exactly what this means.

There’s this dark energy lurking in the shadows of ‘Comfortable’. The song builds a dense atmosphere with seemingly minimal effort. There is a base melodic core present, around which the single elements are built. Single bassy stabs, intelligent percussive elements and of course, those lush and ravishing vocals. Done in an extraordinary manner that allows them to switch seamlessly between ‘vulnerable and glassy’ and ‘confident and dedicated’, those vocal tracks add a certain mysterious ingredient, along an almost oriental twist. I love the fact that these vocals are able to enchant you, before you know it, you’re addicted to this somewhat unforgiving forbidden-fruit-ish scenery where you hang on every word like you have just been hypnotized. In other words, you feel relaxed and welcome, but as the lyrics say: don’t get too comfortable.

Long story short: ‘Comfortable’ is an awesome track. My prediction is that we have seen and heard nothing from the 20 year old sensation yet. This is just the beginning.

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Florian Maier

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