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Max Cuvelier – Better Now

The new release of Max Cuvelier does blend genres in a very unique way. With a very warm approach, the track invites you into its relaxed atmosphere. Once you arrived, the groove will take over from there.

What starts as a calm and handmade setting with warm and emotional female vocals, changes texture as it progresses. In a way, the tune’s progression feels like a day that is slowly awakening. At the beginning, the first rays of sunlight brighten the morning, while any creature slowly comes to life. Once it gets warmer, there is more energy present in the young day, there’s more tension feelable, while the day prepares to reach its peak with a full awake and alert energetic base. See the similarity? The track builds slowly and relaxed with more and more elements that are added. The most awesome thing about ‘Better Now’ is that you don’t really expect the track to have this much electro elements, but they all blend perfectly with the handmade elements and the vocals.

22 year old Belgian producer Max Cuvelier really did an awesome job in merging the different styles and elements here. The vocal one-shots kind of float in the synth backing, while the track stays true to its melodic and relaxed base, always returning to its main theme. This is nothing you can learn. You got to have an ear and the necessary patience to handcraft this type of track.

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