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THS – Down The Rabbit Hole

There is a certain energetic and playful element connected to this tune of the trio known as THS. This element is mixed with a relaxed wisdom you cannot fake, you gotta earn this vibe through the life you lived. ‘Down The Rabbit Hole’ is where lush guitars meet a laid back beat and omniscient vocals.

I just love this relaxed setting. Imagine this as live music at a small venue, where everybody seeks fun, wisdom and truth. With this special slow and methodical appearance, the track doesn’t sell anything that isn’t there. In the process, it gets an almost majestic flavored vibe. In a way, the tune might be compared to a well-aged whiskey. Strong appearance with a sophisticated appeal. This down-to-earth honesty woven into the single tracks of guitar, drums, and vocals with that special ‘worn’ undertone is the real statement of this tune. No matter what you are doing when listening, you’ll find yourself slightly grooving to the beat while probably singing along eventually.

Trupia, Hauff and Sciotto, aka THS, clearly have chemistry here. You can hear and feel it. They share the same mindset regarding music, and it shows. With guests playing on several of their songs, it’s very clear to me that their core honesty as musicians does find new partners in crime easily. And imagine the possibilities with a special connection like this! Long story short: THIS, guys, is honest handmade music. Doesn’t get better than that.

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