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Desarae Dee – Take a Step

You gotta love the atmosphere that’s created in this track. It’s not that often that an electronic environment feels this warm, familiar and friendly like a place you’ve been before.

As soon as the tune starts, you’re abducted into this alternative reality that’s filled with melodic and percussive elements. And I simply love the versatility that’s happening in the created environment. You’ll find a steady and calm driving beat element along sparkling percussive shimmers and what I’d like to call vintage-styled synth echoes of time. Because the sound is created with that playful, jazzy undertone, this sound feels as natural as it gets – although we’re talking electro elements here.

For me, the lively setting describes a warm sunny day, where you step outside, starting your path not knowing where it’ll take you. While you start to explore all those single elements in ‘Take a Step’, you’ll find out all the endless possibilities. Where your road will take you is as unpredictible as the path of a butterfly. It’s amazing how the electronic elements merge with human melodic interaction to just feel living and breathing. The ‘heartbeat’ along the crisp jumpy percussive tracks bring a special kind of energy to the table, which makes the track as busy as an ant hill, yet this doesn’t lead to the tune being hectic or unorganized. Those added shimmering melodies give the tune meaning and depth.

Long story short, this track really is a sophisticated multidimensional experience, if you take your time and allow the sound to have full effect on you.

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