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KrizRok – Welcome to My Show

What’s that? You’re ready for summer? We all are! And the new release of KrizRok sets the tone and pace for this year’s summer.

With a lightweight and uplifting base, ‘Welcome to My Show’ makes you move while building a warm and bright atmosphere. Backed by a jumpy rhythm and easy going melodies, the track is designed to make you dance. (Yes, chair- or car-dancing counts as well.) Also, one of the strong suits of this track is its ability to stick to the listener within seconds. Before I knew it, I was whistling along the almost carribean-vibed base melody, which gives the vocals a warm and down-to-earth aura. In this relaxed setting, you can almost smell the scent of sunscreen lotion and cocktails at the beach bar.

While we all still are waiting for the summer to finally arrive, this track is a perfect soundtrack for the wait. It spreads a good vibe, it makes you move, and it lets you forget about all of your problems for a sec. In other words, this tune is the perfect medicine against anything moody, dark and bad. But be careful, side effects may include uncontrolled dancing and singing along!

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