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Gefahrgeist – Parasites

The new release of Scottish electronic music duo Fiona Liddell and Niall Rae paints a picture, with your mind being the canvas. The atmosphere in ‘Parasites’ in dense to an unreal level. (By the way, you’ll need closed headphones and closed eyes to fully enjoy this one.) The synths are sculpting a dramatic and dark set, there are single sound spots that are lost in the dark, there are warm yet distant textures that create a huge ‘solar system of sound’ for the main vocals to exist in… yet there is even more to explore.

What I love most about this track is the rich content it provides. There’s so much happening in there, so you need to listen closely. Along the steady electro beat and the sultry vocals, the story is told by seemingly a thousand different objects. (Imagine a hot summer night, with all those little creatures flying around the campfire. THIS much objects.) You’ll find a huge amount of little unexpected sound elements that give this tune a very unique ….let’s call it ‘Blade Runner’-ish aura. And boy, every single track was placed perfectly in this dark mysterious scenario. This is the definition of a sound that feels alive, from vocal one-shots to bell-ish arpeggios, all the elements are designed to spark up the pitch black silence.

Along those emotional vocals telling the story, the song blends genres seamlessly. Better yet, it invents a new genre. And here’s my favourite part, naming a new genre for this song. In my opinion, this relaxed unique blend of styles should be named ‘Paralectro’. Or how about ‘Gefahr Pop’?

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