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El Di3go – Shore

Time to feel this righteous groove, guys. The new release of Germany-based El Di3go creates a signature styled melancholic and melodic atmosphere loaded with a honesty-soaked moodset.

The tune tells its story in a very relaxed and calm fashion. Being backed by a lush beat and defensive percussive elements, the track builds a dark atmosphere that is filled with groove and emotion at the same time. What makes this tune really intriguing for me is the way in which the story is being told. There’s this special – let’s call it – ‘beaten down wisdom’ attached, the vocals are done in a way that they indicate they clearly have seen and heard everything. At the same time, the vocals offer advice and closure.

This kind of honesty is rare out there, folks. ‘Shore’ doesn’t want to sell you anything that isn’t there. It rather spreads integrity and genuine passion, it’s just one page of the book of life of El Di3go. And while this story is being told, it fits playlists everywhere, no matter if you’re driving home late at night on empty streets of the big city, or enoying life in the club with a cocktail.

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