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MILLER – Summer Will Come (Haight Ashbury Edition)

I just found the soundtrack of the world’s moodset right now. With a nowhere else to be found retro melancholy, the new release of MILLER reflects how we all feel right now. There’s a certain… let’s call it ‘tired retro undertone’ woven into the single tracks. And that’s the secret weapon of ‘Summer Will Come’.

Along the melodic and relaxed atmosphere created by the guitar based backing, there’s this signature wisdom present in the tune. The vocals are done calm and defensive, fitting perfectly into the warm and melancholic scenery. Yet the track also holds a positive element, it never feels depressing, or overly sad. The playful bells and handmade percussion add some uplifting and lightweight vibe to the scene. Since all this is attached to this significant vintage glow (which is partially caused by the video coming along with the song), you instantly have an ‘it’s going to be okay eventually’ feeling while listening to the tune.

With the song symbolizing hippie music and a melancholic longing for freedoms, summer and togetherness, it strucks a nerve of nowadays’ society. And that’s one of the things I love most about the tune – it does so with an unmatched honesty, yet an uplifting base as well. The song opens up the soul, showing that although things might not go well right now, there’s hope and perspective. So yes – things simply have to get better, and they will. Summer WILL come.

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