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Luna Bay – Lights Down

The British indie-rock quartet Luna Bay really created an energetic anthem with this tune. This feels a lot like starting a new chapter. With a unique mix of handmade and electro, along fresh and positive vocals, ‘Lights Down’ sets a signature ‘let’s go’ vibe into motion.

Overall, this track is designed to show you the start of something new. With an unmatched signature energy, the tune makes you move, it takes you by the hand and shows you that things will be better very soon. And there you have it, it’s exactly this positivity that I love most about the new release of Luna Bay. The unique mix of futuristic disco elements along shimmering backing bass textures and intense vocals feels really uplifting. After the past year has taken its toll on everyone of us, we really need the spirit that is woven into the tracks of ‘Lights Down’. This feels like moving, like letting go of the old and welcoming the new.

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