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Honey&Eve – I Speak Through Storms (Night Drive Version)

With a mysterious dark approach, this version of ‘I Speak Through Storms’ excites the listener in a unique way. There’s darkness, there’s a certain ‘quiet tension’ present throughout the verses, which transforms big time when going towards the chorus.

You gotta love the energy that’s present in this version of the track. This track is one of six different remixed versions, and while every of the single versions has its special appeal, ranging from ultra-dark and intense, to dubby and cold-electronic, to instrumental designs as well, it’s the Night Drive Version that fascinates me most. (check out the official video of this tune as well!) And this is because of it’s ability to create this own world it exists in. The atmosphere that’s created in there is outstanding. Being about the destroyed relationship between nature and humanity, you’re entering oddworld territory from the second the song starts. It’s dark, it’s melancholic. It’s driving. It feels lonely yet strangely familiar. It feels accusing, but rightly so. The drums are pulling the tune through the darkness, while these addictive vocals are adding to the feelable atmosphere. This indeed is a night drive version. Yet you are not driving home to safety, you’re going blind into the night to where no one has gone before.

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