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The Jupiter Effect – The Journey

Check out this insane amount of drive in the new release of Austrian band The Jupiter Effect! You gotta love this tension happening along the rhythm setting and the raw edgy guitar tracks. All of a sudden, everything feels like moving.

‘The Journey’ has what I like to call a signature styled ‘restless melancholy’ engraved in its DNA. This dominant rocking drive is blended with melancholic melodies along those dedicated vocals, producing this hunted, dark-ish vibe in the process. Mixed with unforgiving rhythmic guitars and the smacking drums, the track doesn’t exist to play games. The video coming along the tune is a piece of art in its own right, yet in my opinion it does confine the tune to a certain scenario while it does have so many facettes instead. (But then on the other hand, which video doesn’t put the pictures right in your head, right.) Being about letting go, leaving home, fleeing the boundaries and shackles of oppression and heading towards an uncertain future, the track has this unique ‘departing’ moodset that ends one chapter while opening a new one within a couple of minutes. And nothing I heard in a long time beats this dedicated drive.

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Florian Maier

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