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Empty Measures – This Life

Once again, the music of Empty Measures contains an intense amount of emotion. In a defensive scenario which is given life by vocals, piano and a cello, the track offers a honest to the core moodset that will make you feel something – if you let it.

As with all the work of Empty Measures, the track manages to transmit its signature moodset in a way the listener really can connect with. We all know melancholy, and while the track has a very sad core, it triggers emotions through the simple and basic form of storytelling. You won’t find any secrets or hidden messages in ‘This Life’. The song, both melodic-wise and lyrics-wise, gets down to the core right away, and it’s this direct and distinct purpose that makes me lower my head in silence while listening. I love it when a message is done in this way. Sadness is part of our lives, and why shouldn’t we deal with it in this straightforward intense way? The song also adds a positive uplifting element, yet in the end it’s up to the listener what feelings to take home after hearing it.

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Florian Maier

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