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Attlus – Night Owl

It’s all about that special feeling with this track. Consisting of a lofi slow beat, sampled instruments and gentle vocals, “Night Owl” of Colorado based producer/songwriter Attlus is the perfect tune to wait for sundown.

What makes this track very rare is the fact that the single tracks were recorded with instruments in takes, not arranged by using samples. The skilled listener can actually hear this because there are some not-so-quantized fills and changes in there. And you know what? This is GOLD. During a time where songs like these are done only by adding samples on a timeline, it’s really refreshing to hear something different once in a while. The lofi vinyl effect and those defensive vocals are building a perfect half-retro, half-latenight feel as the track progresses. If you close your eyes and try to imagine the scenery, this could also be a performance of a small band in a tiny bar somewhere downtown. The (lets call it) dreamy approach of the main theme is what makes “Night Owl” stand out amongst the rest.

In other tracks of Attlus, you can often find this special “handmade” element in it, and this makes his interpretation of “acoustic pop” the real deal. That’s his signature style. And, if he works together with fellow artists like Alice May, Gary Kazazian or Logan Connor, the tracks really are made to inject a huge amount of feel into your soul.

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