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Shaun Riley – Secret

The new track of multitalent Shaun Riley brings some desperately needed lightweight emotional love tune into our living room. With a very positive and at parts almost dreamy approach, ‘Secret’ builds a warm and relaxed atmosphere that draws its main efficiency from the heartfelt and relatable vocals. The song reflects the main theme about falling in love perfectly, with all the facettes, from the highest highs to even some slight melancholic elements.

You gotta love the warm synths, they’re acting like a warm blanket on a chill summer night, while the high pitched vocals tell their story with what I like to call a signature ‘late-night-drive vibe’. Also the tune doesn’t rush anything. While the song progresses, the steady slow and defensive rhythm concept won’t disturb the crystalline vocals at any time. The song carries a certain laid back wisdom, the several used elements in the track reflect all of the nuances you feel when beginning a new relationship. And since we all felt this before, it’s exactly this versatility what makes ‘Secret’ so believable and effective.

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Florian Maier

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