Domesticated Riot – True Patriot

Time to get angry, guys. This recently released fighting anthem is designed to expose all the feelings that have been there for quite some time now. With a direct, no-shenanigans approach, the track delivers its message with rocking edges, raw and seemingly unrefined emotions through distorted guitars, an unforgiving rhythm and those straightforward distinct vocals.

What I love most about ‘True Patriots’ is the ability of the song to reflect a mindset that’s common out there. In a world where you feel constantly betrayed, where there’s tension rising and the unsecurities of any individual is exploited to a point where you just feel like getting angry with no chance to vent that. The song tells this story in a very authentic way, and although this feels uncomfortable at parts, with the sound getting almost chaotic and so energetic that it feels unstructured, the tune feels truthful and honest to the core. In my opinion, the song wants to polarize and point out that there’s an emotional discrepancy building out there, and we got to be aware of that. And you got to agree with me: what better way is there than to point that out with a rocking anthem?

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Florian Maier

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