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Zaven – Sightseeing

A playful summer vibe which feels like hanging around at the beach bar. At least that was the first impression I had when listening to the new track of Zach Gaviria, better known as Zaven.


“Sightseeing” is a perfect balanced track with clean, crisp vocals and a defensive, laid back pop backing. The added effect tracks give the track depth and that ultra-light feel, while the vocals give the track meaning and structure. Plus, some of the unexpected vocal tricks happening there keep you in constant I-wanna-know-whats-next mode. While I’m a fan of the music, I’m not so sure about the official video coming with it. I think what I like to call the “home video/precious memories effect” was kind of  overused here, but after all thats just my personal opinion. Since this was totally intended, I leave it up to you if this is a genius form of music video production or not.

The american multitalent doesn’t stop with just singing, checking his resumee on the website it seems that we got ourselves a real creative human here. Film, tv, and theatre acting, several music projects including collaborations with other musicians and education with several instruments all state that Zaven has got creativity flowing through his veins. You never know what’s next with him, and I love that in artists out there. This passion and drive for the next creative thing is what makes life awesome after all. So, we all can be curious about what Zaven will come up next. To paint a picture: he’s not driving down a road – he IS the road.

Zaven on spotify
Zaven website
Zaven on facebook

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