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Asterous – Asterous

You will need a bit time for the self-titled EP of Canadian alternative rock band Asterous. But believe me, it’ll be worth it. This album tells a story that’s not told elsewhere.

With ‘The Fall’, the EP starts in a deep space, mysterious setting, abducting the listener into a melodic floaty atmosphere that feels not bound to gravity. The soft vocals blend seamlessly with the relaxed backing and flies into the night like fireflies searching for the stars. After this journey, you’ll find yourself in a more exciting and energetic environment. It’s not too pressurized or hectic, on the contrary. The sound in ‘Heroes’ feels self-aware and distinct, and it has this dark vibe lurking in the shadow, which finally emerges, offering a beautiful half-human, half electro hybrid vibe that sets the drive – yet it is always controlled in style by the female vocals.

Uh, and then it’s time for my favourite part. It’s time to ‘Murder The Machine’. The track builds a dense and dark atmosphere that feels hot and uncomfortable, and once you entered this cave, it’s time to step on the pedal. Time to fight, boys and girls. Expressive guitars are chasing you over black stones, while the vocals feel like the remaining good part of your soul that is preparing for the ultimate fight from which you cannot escape.

After surviving this hellish scenario, it’s time to heal ‘At The Edge’. With a innocent and lightweight undertone, the track brings a signature soft peace to the scenery. These harmonized vocals are like the first rays of dawn, the sound has this special ‘rising from the ashes’ texture, indicating that it is over – but only for now. For me, the tension is symbolized through the guitar tracks that are portrayed as diminished echoes of melodies in the back. Once your thoughts have come to rest, you’re granted the light of day with ‘Afterthought’. A relaxed piano and honest vocals that lead you back to your normal life with a signature warm yet melancholic feel.

Long story short: ‘Asterous’, the EP, is an awesome storyteller with many facettes, and it gives you a hint what Asterous, the band, is all about. I’m curious what the guys will come up with next.

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