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An Hour a Minute – Mile Away

Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to serve you a unique pop cocktail with vintage-styled dreamy synth ingredients. This is called the ‘Mile Away’. Enjoy.

There’s something very heartfelt attached to the latest release of Toronto based indie-snth pop duo An Hour a Minute. The basic atmosphere created by those retro disco-styled instrument tracks feels pristine and contains a signature kind of groove. Not the obtrusive kind of groove though, it’s a lush and floaty mover that even has some funky elements and a lightweight percussion woven in. With the bellish melodies happening along the sophisticated vocals, the track feels a bit dreamy, yet energetic enough to lead by example.

So, you can say that this tune triggers my retro spot. It takes me back to the time when I was born, and this kind of sound was playing in clubs at the time. This track doesn’t want to sell you anything that isn’t there. What you hear is what you get. ‘Mile Away’ contains an exclusive ‘aged’ component that’s feeling honest to the core, and this honesty is blended with a special signature kind of melancholy. These ingredients make you enjoy this track on repeat while watching the birds fly by into the sunset.

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Florian Maier

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