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Drops of Indigo – Ten Steps Ahead

The new release of Drops of Indigo impresses with a signature melancholy, a soft emotional approach, and a full band set-up.

Since 2018, the duo of Linda and Dabbe played as Drops of Indigo, but they evolved to a full band in the meantime, being joined by several skilled musicians bringing their sound to the next level. What hasn’t changed though is their passion and will to spread real emotions, hope and kindness to the world. In their newest track, they do exactly that. With a very slow and relaxed approach, the track builds a warm and safe scenario. Creating an atmosphere that allows, and even nurtures emotions, all the soft and dreamy instrument tracks serve as a perfect base for the authentic and genuine vocals of both singers. When those vocals are harmonized, the track reaches out for your heart, providing inner peace and a signature sensible offer to rest your soul for a couple of minutes.

Some might say that the new sound of the band feels a bit ‘too radio-friendly’. Too mainstream, you know. If you ask me, the essence/soul of what the Drops want to transmit never changed at all. You can hear that, and the fact that the sound has changed, is just part of a natural process. Look around. Everything changes over time, it’s called ‘life’. With a new album in the making, I am very excited of what we will hear in the next chapter of these stories of life.

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