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Dmunsch – Day To Day

Can you hear that? Summer is coming.

The new release of Belgian melodic house producer Dmunsch brings a lot of warm energetic feel to the table. You’ll find this irresistible drive in there that just makes you move no matter where you are, along playful melodies that are blended together to a well-rounded atmosphere of groove. I love the fact that there are some synths used that have this almost vintage texture with which the melodic theme is told in a very signature-styled sophisticated way without being labeled ‘old’ or ‘retro’.

With spring reaching out for us now (finally!), ‘Day To Day’ brings some desperately needed warmth into the house (pun intended). Steadily building his name in the electronic music scene worldwide, Dmunsch just knows how to glue a danceable rhythm set to melodic sceneries that feel both warm and lightweight at the same time. THIS sound is what I want to hear when enjoying life at the beach bar in the evening, holding a slightly overprized cocktail while watching the sun go down (and, of course, the dancers around me).

All in all, the tune creates a special kind of summer-anthemic environment. I read that this track is a feel-good song with a melodramatic touch. Well, it probably is. But you know what? I rather call it ‘the sound of summer’.

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Florian Maier

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