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Robby and the Secret – Keeps Us Going

Starting with this signature heartbeat that blends with a mysterious lonely, dark and lost shimmer, the new track of Dutch band Robby and the Secret knows how to tell a story that you’ll remember long after the song has played.

I’m totally hypnotized by the melancholic beaten down atmosphere that’s created by this tune. The track takes its time to deliver, and while the story is told, the backing creates a captivating scenery that makes you experience all the hurt, all the loneliness, and all the pain hidden in the tune. The guitars sing their sad song, while the authentic vocals feel like the little voice inside your head, telling about memories we all lived through. With those added minimal percussive elements, the song gets enough drive to move forward without taking it too fast. Somewhere down the road, the voices fade to echoes, leaving the listener behind with his or her own thoughts.

You gotta love the storytelling ability of ‘Keeps Us Going’. Although the tune is done defensive and careful, there’s this intensity present that feels powerful yet very vulnerable at the same time. And this, guys, is the most effective element of the tune: its intimate honesty.

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