Monelise – Silver Lake

This track feels ancient and mysterious, and it has this jaw-dropping electro-medieval blend that feels really enchanting.

With a certain drive and positive bright vibe, the track steps out of the shadows like a shy wild animal that finally dares to show itself. With a wide spaced peculiar scenery created by the backing, the mysterious vocals of Monelise are placed soft as a feather yet assertive if needed. The track changes seamlessly between a dreamy floating state and a certain ‘alive scenery’, it’s as if the essence of the sound was reborn within the track’s running time.

Overall, the tale of the song is told in a really unique atmosphere where the listener doesn’t know if he or she is dreaming or awake, if all of this is real or just imagination. This floating state, both mood-wise and music-wise, is an absolute thing of beauty and the secret weapon of ‘Silver Lake’ in my opinion. It’s what makes the track stand out, because of its unique textures. To be completely honest, this kind of sound needs a whole new genre to exist in. This feels like… Monelectro.

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Florian Maier

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