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Paul Gilbody – Angels’ Share

There’s a unique down-to-earth wisdom and honesty connected to the sound of the latest release of Edinburgh based singer/songwriter Paul Gilbody. Hard to describe, but I’ll try anyway.

In a way, this tune feels as old as the sea, yet there’s also this youthful and lightweight element present through the vocals. Being backed by a defensive yet sophisticated guitar setting (and a not-basic-at-all bass line), it’s the vocals that put the genuine and captivating storytelling front and center.

While Gilbody tells the story of the song with a certain melancholic vibe and a believable vocal toolset, he’s backed by folk singer/songwriter Adam Holmes for that special ingredient. You might compare this addition with the age of an awesome whiskey. (This picture might be triggered by the song, yes.) While the whiskey is great already, there’s the little extra that’s added through the aging process in the barrel. For this song, this extra are the mature and expressive vocals of Holmes. Through the harmonized tracks, the song gets this almost shantie-ish flavoured aura.

To sum it up: ‘Angels’ Share’ is a modern contemporary track with a story being told with a youthful yet vintage undertone. That alone makes it as signature-styled as it gets, and the fact that you’ll find a ton of emotion in a relaxed setting enriched with vintage instruments makes me raise my glass to this tune while singing along.

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