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Gabriel Black – King of the Nosebleeds

You gotta love the quirky honesty that’s woven into the tracks of the new release of american singer/songwriter Gabriel Black. With an approach that feels partly vintage, yet mostly contemporary, the tune knows how to impress with handmade elements as well as down-to-earth vocals.

I love how the tune changes its moodset and orientation within the total running time though. What starts defensive and shy, evolves into something different over time. In a way, the tune sells the message in a hopeless romantic attempt to be bigger. This honesty, mixed with a certain positive and lightweight ingredient in form of direct and energetic rythmic elements and extras, is what makes ‘King of the Nosebleeds’ so believable.

We ALL were king of the nosebleeds once before, right. The ones that got picked last in the team. Those who never got invited to the cool kids’ parties. Some of us still are. And it’s songs like this one that show that this shy approach can have its moment and appeal, too. For me, there’s this ‘acceptance vibe’ blended into the message, which totally validates to be that shy guy in the corner over there.

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