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Futurelust – Lights

You know what? It’s time to stand up and fight. The rocking tune of LA based rock band Futurelust will help you with that.

This track, released back in November 2020, goes straight to my ‘scratch and claw’ playlist. (No, I don’t have that. But this tune makes me think of creating one.) Besides what the lyrics are about, there’s this energy present at all times, waiting to be released. Like a closed bottle of shaken soda, you know the energy is there, waiting for the right moment to erupt with an unmatched clarity and expressive vibe. I love the fact that the music feels uplifting and driving, but also very honest at the same time. There’s nothing overdone in ‘Lights’, it’s just a solid statement delivered with passion and a maxed amount of solid rock. The flawless mix/master work is the icing on the cake, the tune feels ultra-well balanced, while the expressive vocals along the even more expressive solo guitars to their thing while leaving the audience listening and moving to the energetic drive. (Seriously, there’s no way that this tune won’t make you move.) This is something you need to listen to when you’re down. It’s like the friend you need most when life kicked you down.

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