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Echo Tail – Umbra

With a high amount of energy, the second track of the album ‘A Brief Escape from Life’ steps on the pedal, so you might want to fasten your seatbelts, folks.

The whole album of the British alternative/post-rock band Echo Tail is a storyteller that’s best enjoyed like reading a book. From start to finish. Writing about this particular track is like reviewing a single chapter out of a book, so this is merely a snapshot of what’s happening in the whole album. I chose this track nevertheless because of it’s raw and driving nature, ‘Umbra’ feels kind of uncontrolled, untamed like a beast that is hard to put back in the cage once it escaped. The driving guitars burst into screaming desperate cries once the scenario changes from bright to dark, there’s a certain kind of transformation happening as the track progresses. The vocals and the backing undergo a signature Jekyll-to-Hyde metamorphosis. This kind of change is what happens throughout the whole album as well, you won’t find any linear progression as the story is told by edgy and driving melodic textures along expressive vocals. And it’s exactly this versatility of the sound that makes this track, and even better, the whole album an absolute stunning, almost theatrical experience.

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Florian Maier

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