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Anne Bennett – Deep in the Shadows

This unique tune creates an atmosphere that feels like a blend of deep sea and icy cavern at first. The scenery built by the piano and the soundscaping elements lets the temperature drop, it makes you hold your breath because you’re afraid otherwise you might break this crystalline picture. This scenery serves as the perfect stage for the skilful and ravishing vocals of singer/songwriter Anne Bennett.

I feel in love with these vocals within seconds. There’s a certain melancholy attached to them, along a huge amount of wisdom and maturity, to tell their story in the most emotional and intense way. The singing style ranges from ‘vulnerable and shy’ to ‘dominant, distinctive and expressive’ with any nuance in between.

This versatility of the vocals is one thing that makes ‘Deep in the Shadows’ so addictive for me. The other one would be the storytelling capability of the tune. If you listen closely (this means closed headphones/silent room, guys), you can practically feel the scenery change with ever other note, it feels like the song is flying through moodsets, landscapes, and time itself. These slow shifts through several backing textures are a carefully crafted work of art. This must have been so hard to perform, mix and master. But it was all worth it. The outcome is a flawless open book of sound and space, written with a soft and glowing universal language.

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