Debbie Chou – There Goes

The new release of Debbie Chou pretty much sums up the current situation going on out there, and it is presented as a wonderful piano and vocal mixture. Arranged slow and carefully, this tune hits the mark regarding emotion and melancholy.

I know, I know… some might say we are dealing with this whole Covid mess long enough. We can’t stand living like this anymore, right. So why pour gasoline into the fire? Why going over this topic again? It’s pretty simple, folks – because we need to be reminded that we cannot just sit there with closed eyes and wait for this thing to be over in silence. We need to face reality. Debbie Chou does exactly that, she shows us the reality with this vulnerable tune.

It’s super important to not forget those who were lost, and those who are fighting with their lives at stake to ensure our safety. Sitting safely at our homes, there are people out there who risk their health and their well-being to help others. To ensure that this pandemic won’t last forever. As the song progresses, Chou even brings a positive, distinct and decisive emotion into her voice, making this song not only an emotional tune, but also sort of a pep talk. The mix of beaten down melancholy and this fierce fighter-vibe brings tears to my eyes to be honest.

‘There Goes’ is a reflection of mankind as far as I’m concerned. It’s important to remember who we lost. It’s important to recognize who is out there fighting. And it’s important to think about ourselves, realizing what we have lost so far, but also that the days are going to be brighter soon.

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