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Tony Lee King – Too Many People

Taken from the album ‘Redemption’ and now reliving history with a new music video, this tune’s ingredients are soul, passion and a huge emotional impact. For this one, I need you to sit down, relax, and get something to drink. Lean back, and enjoy the matured sound of croatian singer/songwriter Tony Lee King with this extraordinary pop-blues ballad.

You gotta love the relaxed handmade setting. Defensive percussion and drums, a guitar and synth setting that feels as if it has seen everything, are building a scenario of lonely streets in the middle of a warm summer night. There’s a very intense maturity woven into the track which mainly is produced by the soulful vocals. Those are transmitting a melancholy that forms the very core of the tune, telling the story about going your way no matter what all around you do or say. It’s both a sad story of rejection, and an uplifting one of holding your head up high when times are rough. And that’s the beauty of ‘Too Many People’: it tells a story everyone can relate to one way or another, and it does so with the wisdom of an old friend offering advice.

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