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Sarah Chirita – Something In My Cup

An awesome guitar backing, combined with a electro pop beat – the stage is set for those awesome vocals to shine. This, my friends, is the world of Sarah Chirita.

This track takes its time to deliver. Due to the almost minimalistic approach, the whole atmosphere of the song is somewhat fragile. Imagine a small bar at midnight, a couple of broken-hearted people at their tables, a tiny stage and a single spotlight. And there she is. With her slightly reverbed vocals, Chirita manages to put a spell on the listener. She knows how to transmit emotion and passion while singing, and this important “I-mean-it”-ingredient makes the american singer/songwriters music ultra-believable to me. Plus, the track doesn’t try to sell you something that isn’t there. It’s not overloaded with effects (really, the mix is a thing of beauty), there aren’t unnecessary changes, percussive shenanigans or anything. This track is delivered as advertised, so to speak.

The vocal abilities of Chirita are outstanding. Although she holds herself quite back within this song, there are other projects on her soundcloud profile that clearly show she can knock you down with her voice if she wants to. There’s no uncertainity, no weak notes, no false notes. Sure, nowadays when every other bedroom producer is using Melodyne and other pitch correction soft- or hardware, some would say that hitting every note isn’t a must anymore, but I beg to differ. Although I’m using Melodyne in the studio as well, in my opinion it makes the world of a difference if you as a singer got that … let’s call it “vocal confidence”. You can hear whether or not it’s there when someone sings, but there isn’t any software to do THAT trick for you. You even got it, or you don’t. And boy, she’s got it.

I read that the american-romanian artist is currently working on a new album, and I can’t wait for that to be released. If the other projects of Chirita are just half as good as “Something In My Cup”, this album will bring some much needed light into the music scene out there.

Sarah Chirita website
Sarah Chirita on spotify
Sarah Chirita on soundcloud

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