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Subcon – Heartstring

In this tune, there’s this melancholy attached to an untamed energy. Not something aggressive though. It’s rather sophisticated.

Taken from the album ‘Suburban Gutterpunk’, this track has a dark and emotional base but is delivered with an unusual mix of energetic poppy rhythm and defensive synth textures. Combined with the honest flowing vocals, the track creates a reflective scenario that feels both painful and uplifting at the same time. One of these looking-in-the-mirror kind of moments, you know. As you hear the heartbeat woven into the tune, you also feel these racing restless elements with the percussive crisp tracks in there.

Soft and comforting melodies enable the track to hold a strange yet familiar balance between emotion and drive. With ‘Heartstring’, the singer/songwriter and producer Subcon walks the line between more than two genres in my opinion. Even more than two emotional bases. It’s an intriguing mix of dreamy melodies and a certain desperation that is not yelled out, but presented in a unique way to have this maximum effect. This track doesn’t create a sub genre. It creates a Subcon genre.

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Florian Maier

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